Happy 8 Months Binoo Baby!

Dear Hamish,

You are a sailing stone.♥ You have been sitting on your own since April 29th and occasionally we put you down to play and when we come back you are still sitting but in a different place and facing another direction. When it first started you were not doing the scooty belly swim crawl and so we were mystified. Once we asked Corbin because he was the only one with you and he nonchalantly stated, “he just moved there.” There is, however, less mystery now because you have begun to do a belly crawl that resembles a lame dog dragging himself to water. Telephones, things with wheels, and pretty much anything that belongs to your older brother motivate you. A foreshadowing of one of the many ways you are likely to frustrate Corbin.

I apologize for not writing you a letter when you celebrated your seventh month. Our household was in chaos as we shopped for a new house and got our current house at 1441 Merritt Place ready to sell. On May 8th we bought 1758 Tiffin Place and will be moving on July 31st. Our new house has a yard for you and your brother, a bedroom for each of you, a garage for Dad & a hot tub for me. Grandad came out at the end of April to help and everyone worked pretty solid for two weeks to get it ready for market by mid-May. But, here’s the good news. We met our deadline and listed the house on May 14th for $499,800. It sold two days later for $505,000. Over 100 people came through our house that weekend and you, your brother and I had to leave and stay with Granny. Dad went to Seattle for a getaway with Uncle Brad and he came back to find a home inspection under way. It was a blessing of a whirlwind because it was over so fast. So, that’s why I didn’t write to you.

Now, I bet you are wondering how you fared for those two months? Well, as you recall you started eating at the beginning of April and were not entirely enthusiastic about it. Well, by the middle of April you had no more reservations and have been eating three meals a day with unmitigated joy. Sometimes we can’t shovel it in fast enough and sometimes you are very vocal about your enthusiasm. When Grandad was visiting, he took great delight (I think) in feeding you. He said that you resembled a little bird. Since the middle of April you have sampled a variety of dishes including Granny’s shepherd’s pie and chicken pot pie, steak (much to Dad’s pleasure), salmon, pancakes, avocado, a variety of fruits and veggies, chicken, hamburger, turkey chili, squash soup, watermelon, ice cream, rice pudding, some of my muffin, one of Dad’s french fries and a sip or two of Grandpa’s organic ginger ale.

Other milestones include drinking from a cup, holding your bottle, and sitting up in the bath by yourself – a feat you accomplished at Granny’s house the weekend we sold our house. You and I got quite sick at the beginning of April when we bought our new house. We had a terrible cold that the clinic doctor diagnosed as Pertussis, but in the end I’m not sure if that’s what we had because it certainly didn’t last as long as it could have. As previously stated, you are just starting to propel yourself forward. In your explorations of movement you often move from sitting with your feet forward to the yogic pigeon pose, which also resembles the classic runner’s stretch. You play between and around these movements in an effort to find your crawling stride. I expect that you will be an expert mover and shaker by your 9-month post.

Ah, the irony of sleep-books. At the end of May, Aunti Ros, Sloan, you and I took a walk to Bolen’s to investigate books about sleep. Aunti Ros bought two and I bought one – The No Cry Sleep Solution. The book essentially confirmed that I’m doing everything I need to establish good night time sleeping habits. Shortly after I bought it you started sleeping in longer chunks again. You are, my little love, a great tease – showing us that you can sleep for long stretches and then having periods where you wake up every hour or so. I’m not sure what it is all about, but it appears that all I have to do is start reading a book about sleep and everything returns to status quo.

Cause & Effect.  You love it.  One evening when your Dad turned on your mobile your eyes went from the ‘on’ button to the spinning animals and back again.  The next day while you were napping I heard the mobile music.  When I came in to check on you, you were happily watching the colourful animals doing their merry-go-round dance.  Another evening during bath time,  you repeatedly moved from a sitting position to lying on your tummy.  Then, you pulled the plug out of the tub and proceeded to watch with fascination as the water went down the drain.  Our best guess is that an academic career could include a degree in the hard sciences.  But, time will tell…

The day before your 8th month birthday two very important events occurred. One was that Nana announced her retirement from IAPA. Nana has been working very hard for the past 14 years doing a job that is important and meaningful. We are all very proud of everything she has accomplished and know that it will be hard for her to close the book on this chapter of her life. However, in some respects, partially because she lives so far away and partially because her job has been very consuming we feel that she has been kind of on loan to a great number of people who have needed her. Now, she will be moving back to BC and will return to us in a way that is both right and wonderful. I, for one, am very much looking forward to having her live close by.

The other event, my dear Binoo Baby Boy, was that you got your first tooth. Number one out of 24 is located on the bottom right hand side, feels like sand paper to the touch and better not even think about biting down during a feeding….



imgp6158My Little Monkey

imgp5987mmm … Watermelon

Grandad visits.  Corbin and Grandad work on the House.

imgp6241Our nickname for you is Binoo Baby.  Corbin is Toopy.
Toopy and Binoo is a one of Corbin’s favourite shows – “a cartoon about a mouse named Toopy and his best friend, a plush cat named Binoo. Each episode follows a playful adventure, usually created out of their imaginations. Toopy is the only character that speaks, and for the most part provides enthusiastic descriptions of their adventures.” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toopy_and_Binoo)

imgp0762Toopy & Binoo eat Frog’s Legs

imgp6337You and your cousin Sloane

imgp6275Cause & Effect
You are our very happy little boy.

♥“The sailing stones (sliding rocks, moving rocks) are a geological phenomenon where rocks move in long tracks along a smooth valley floor without human or animal intervention.” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sailing_stones) Apparently, they do not always leave tracks that are linear.

Recent witticisms by Sir Corbin

So, this morning my friend Shelley emailed me to thank me for our walk on the weekend.  We had a great stroll through Fernwood with her twins, Eli and Jasper in one stroller and Corbin and Hamish on our Joovy Caboose a.k.a “the train.”  She wrote, ” Thanks for the fun day Saturday. I really enjoyed myself.  Am still impressed with Corbin’s strong negotiation skills and winning arguments. “I should have just 1 cookie because it’s today, 1 cookie for 1 day…and 1 after naps.”  

And so, I am inspired to write down a few witticisms of Mr. I am three.

An argument for more:  “I should have three smiley fries because I’m three.”

Negotiation skills:  “There are two options.  One option is you sit in this chair and watch the trains and if you sit in this chair then you have the option of watching the trains.”

A conversation among peers, namely Sophie Schultz:  Corbin (who is playing with Sophie and talking on a toy phone.  David is our Realtor):  “Yup, ok sounds good David.  Yup, sell the house.  Here Sophie, you talk to David.”

Making Plans:  “I have a great idea.  I can sit on the couch and watch cars.  Yes, that’s a great idea.”

Sage advise:  “You want to be careful because if you laugh to hard, you will throw up.”

Future Plans:  “When we move to our new house, I’m going to sit in the big bathtub outside and watch the garden railway.”

An invitation to play:  “When you get older like me, you can play with trains too.”

A comment on his first dentist appointment:  “My teeth feel shiny.”

photoIs it just us or does he look like a young Elton John