Recent witticisms by Sir Corbin

So, this morning my friend Shelley emailed me to thank me for our walk on the weekend.  We had a great stroll through Fernwood with her twins, Eli and Jasper in one stroller and Corbin and Hamish on our Joovy Caboose a.k.a “the train.”  She wrote, ” Thanks for the fun day Saturday. I really enjoyed myself.  Am still impressed with Corbin’s strong negotiation skills and winning arguments. “I should have just 1 cookie because it’s today, 1 cookie for 1 day…and 1 after naps.”  

And so, I am inspired to write down a few witticisms of Mr. I am three.

An argument for more:  “I should have three smiley fries because I’m three.”

Negotiation skills:  “There are two options.  One option is you sit in this chair and watch the trains and if you sit in this chair then you have the option of watching the trains.”

A conversation among peers, namely Sophie Schultz:  Corbin (who is playing with Sophie and talking on a toy phone.  David is our Realtor):  “Yup, ok sounds good David.  Yup, sell the house.  Here Sophie, you talk to David.”

Making Plans:  “I have a great idea.  I can sit on the couch and watch cars.  Yes, that’s a great idea.”

Sage advise:  “You want to be careful because if you laugh to hard, you will throw up.”

Future Plans:  “When we move to our new house, I’m going to sit in the big bathtub outside and watch the garden railway.”

An invitation to play:  “When you get older like me, you can play with trains too.”

A comment on his first dentist appointment:  “My teeth feel shiny.”

photoIs it just us or does he look like a young Elton John