Halfway to One

Dear Hamish,

I’m always going to be late.  I’m sorry, but it seems that posting a letter to you on your month anniversaries will not happen on the exact day.  Here we are, half way through Mat leave.  So sad.  Our household is so much busier now that you are here and now that your brother is 3.   And life is about to get even busier because last weekend we talked to Nana and Grandad and we all decided that it was time to sell our house.   I think the final push for us came when Deb, your and Corbin’s daycare provider, gave Corbin a huge Tonka dump truck for his birthday.  It’s beautiful.   Everything a boy or girl could want.  But, I took one look at it and instantly felt sad because we don’t have a yard.  So, for now we use the yellow beast to haul around trains, track and cars.  But, soon we will have it parked outside in our new big yard so that it can be used for its intended purpose.  And, one day – much to Corbin’s delight – you will be big enough to play with it too.  I’m sad that you will not remember this house because it is the house that you came home to.  But, I’m excited that we will have more space and a yard.

 It has been a busy month full of progress and milestones.  On March 12th I determined that I could no longer pump enough milk to fill your belly during that nighttime feed that your Dad likes to do.  So, I took a deep breath and bought a can of formula.  The first bottle that is not breastmilk always feels bold.  You see, so many of the baby experts these days are so pro-breastmilk that the idea of introducing formula is akin to filling a PBA bottle full of 5 Alive and heating it in the microwave.  And so, it was just like when I gave formula to your brother for the first time.  I watched your Dad feed you and when you did not keel over, I took a deep breath and knew that I could begin to let go. 

This month you entered the 3rd Annual Sprouts Model Search for Charity.  Over $1500 was raised for the Vancouver Island Health Authority and we got fabulous photo of you.   Corbin entered the first and second Model Search competitions.  We always did it for the free 5X7.  But, the organizers have made the fifth winner a “people’s choice” award.  And, you my handsome nut are one of the models in the running.   Although, it doesn’t matter if you win because you are the cutest baby in town as far as we are concerned.  Of course, we have to think that otherwise we would toss you out the window when you wake up repeatedly in the night.  Among such other amazing firsts – outside being too sexy for your nappy – were your first romp in the jolly jumper, finding your feets and responding to your name.  You gave me an amazing birthday present on April 4th when you slept through the night.  Since then, your sleep has been getting much longer and your need for food at night is diminishing.


The most significant milestones this month were your brother turning 3 and you beginning to eat solid foods.  We started giving you rice cereal on April 1st followed by Apples on April 4th.  The first week and a half you were not very enthusiastic.  You clamped your mouth shut and refused to eat much of anything.  I don’t think you trusted that what I was offering you was in fact food.  I don’t think you realized that it would fill your belly.  You started warming up to it, though, on April 10th when I offered you pears.  This morning, you were most excited to be eating yams.  And so, the adventure of food begins…

Happy 6th month, binoo baby!



A not so enthusiastic beginning.  I think you had two bites and then clamped your mouth shut.

imgp5951A better seletion of foods …




imgp5934Time for cleanup


Happy Easter!