The time has come, the time is now …

Bless me readers for I have sinned, it has been six months since I last wrote a blog entry in Corbin’s voice.  At first, I thought this was because the arrival of Hamish made it more challenging to get to the computer. And, although this is true there is another reason why I have not blogged stories from Corbin’s perspective. It actually took me quite some time to realize why. But, it’s simple. Corbin Roome has his own voice.

He has his own mind and his own ideas. He says what he wants to do and when he wants to do it. In fact, he says what he wants others to do and when he wants them to do it. He directs us when we play with him as though he is a traffic controller and we are merely the McQueens and Tow Maters in his make believe world. His imaginative play is exceptional and entertaining. Just last weekend when the douvet was off our bed and on the floor, he dove into it and quoted from Maurice Sendak’s book repeating “kneaded and punched it and pounded and pulled until it was just right.” Then he climbed on board his airplane and he was off.

Corbin has his own way of moving through the world. He has his own relationships separate from those of his family. Relationships that I rarely get to bare witness to. The world he inhabits at daycare is important to him and every now and then Deb relays stories to me that remind me that he is his own person. Not long ago she called in the middle of the day to tell me about Corbin and his friend Sophie. They were sitting together at the toddler table doing puzzles – an activity that they do quite often apparently. At some point during their activity, Corbin looked up and said, “Can I help you with your puzzle, Soph?” To which she replied, “No, you have your own.” He looked at her and explained, “But, hon, I’m finished mine Sweetie.” Apparently, Soph was sufficiently charmed to allow him to assist with her puzzle even though she didn’t really need the help.

Just like every Mom before me. I hide presents in my bedroom closet. Last week, Corbin found a Lightning McQueen Piston Cup Lego set. He came bounding out of my bedroom beside himself with excitement. Loch took the Lego away and I explained that it was his birthday present from Nana and Grandad but that his birthday was another week away. He was upset at first until we talked about what a great gift it is and how wonderful it will be to receive it. He has talked about the lego set every day. While it was only in his hot little hands for less than five minutes, it seems he took in the entire picture from the box. He knows that there is are Lightning, Doc Hudson & Top King lego cars and he knows that on his birthday he’ll get to open that box. The anticipation has been mounting and two days ago he asked me if he could help me wrap the present.  Shame on me for thinking that because he knew it was coming, I didn’t need to wrap it.

Hamish goes to bed before Corbin and we put on Enya music. I know, I know but it’s soft and soothing and it worked for Corbin at 5 months. As soon as Corbin climbs into bed he insists that we turn off Hamish’s music, which he says he doesn’t like, and that we put on John Denver. This CD is a collection of train themed songs given to him by my parents for Christmas.  And he’s addicted to them. He walks around the house singing City of New Orleans and Atcheson, Topeka and the Santa Fe. His other favorite artist is also a John – Johnny Cash. When he starts singing Folsom Prison Blues, he takes his pitch down a couple of octaves and twangs, ” I hear the train a comin’, it’s comin’ round the bend and I ain’t seen the sunshine since I don’t know when…” His singing is further showcased by the up and down cowboy lifts of his eyebrows.  Now, tell me. How am I supposed to assume the voice of an individual who does this? Clearly, he is on his own.

So, today on this 19th day of March in the year 2009 as Mr. Corbin Roome turns 3, I state for the record that the time has come, the time is now. You’ve got your own voice, my love, use it well.

Happy Birthday, my Prince. I love you.


angelboyOne Week Old

yum-yumOne Year Old


Two Years Old


Three Years Old Today

An Early Birthday Present


imgp5690Tonight Lily gave Corbin his birthday present.  “Um, what do I do with this paper, Mom?”


imgp5692The Unveiling


imgp5694He is in love with everything Piston Cup and Radiator Springs.  Needless to say, the Tricycle made him very happy.


imgp5700While lagging along behind Lily, Corbin yelled at the top of his lungs, “wait, I’m faster than fast, quicker than quick … waaaiiiiiit!”


imgp5704Lily on her cool almost-too-small trike


imgp5708Happiness Defined


5 Months

Dear Hamish,

The past month has been a busy one – in fact so busy that I am, yet again, late to post. On the 12th of February you were poked, prodded, weighed & given a clean bill of health. You were, by the way, 24 inches long and 13lbs, 10oz. The whole family has been assaulted by cold and flu season and you, my sweet little angel, were unfortunately not spared. Since the beginning of February you have had two colds and an ear infection. These unfortunate circumstances have not assisted you in your valiant attempts to sleep long stretches at night and we have had some trying middle of the night wakefulness as a result. But, we are on the road to long sleeps and less frequent feedings. Speaking of feedings, you have been following our spoons and forks as we put solid foods into our mouths and yesterday you tried to grab my toast. So, very soon you will begin to eat things off of spoons yourself – which will be exciting for all of us. Corbin has long been talking about the day when you get bigger and can eat pancakes with him and your Grandpa keeps asking when you can eat watermelon.

imgp55461 Playing with Corbin

You took your second trip on a BC Ferry to attend your great grandfather’s 98th birthday party on Valentine’s day. It was a fabulous day. Corbin and I had made and decorated a cake and all of the Shaws were in attendance. You were a hit with the whole family and you got to spend more time with your Nana and Grandad.

imgp55261 Great Grandad’s 98th Birthday Celebration

But, perhaps the best part of your fifth month was the birth of your youngest cousin, Sloane Williams. Her arrival was much anticipated as we have all been waiting a long time to meet Sloane. The wait was, of course, toughest on Aunti Ros and Uncle Brad who anticipated her arrival more than year and a half ago. We all knew she was coming, but we just didn’t know how long we would have to wait. However, on February 24th – the day before your Dad’s birthday – little Sloane made her way into all of our lives – all 21inches and 7lbs of her. She has sweet little curvy lips and lovely soft shocks of black hair. She looks just like Aunti Ros did when she was a baby. While you have four other cousins, they are all so grown up that you don’t get an opportunity to interact with them on a regular basis. But, with the arrival of Sloane, we have many years of fun cousin playtime ahead of us.  

Admittedly, meeting Sloane for the first time was an exercise in perspective for me.  She was one inch longer and exactly the same weight as you when you were born.  When we saw her in the hospital in Duncan for the first time, I couldn’t believe the difference between the two of you.  In four and a half short months you had nearly doubled your weight and your sweet cheeks balloon from all the milk you have been drinking.  I realized that you are on the verge of being an older baby.  No longer sleeping all the time and no longer interested in being held and cuddled all day long.  Your eyes are wide open to the world and you are taking in so much.  Part of me is sad because I loved that little, little you.  And yet, I can not deny that as each day passes I am more and more thrilled by the small human you have become. 

imgp5657And here you are … 5 months old and having just rolled over from back to front.  
Way to go small human.


imgp5607P.S. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!