4 Months

Dear Hamish,

Another month has gone by and I can’t believe we only have 8 more months of Mat leave together. This month has been a tough one, though, as Corbin, Daddy and me all got the flu on New Year’s Eve and then we drove right into viral town and started hacking and blowing our noses with the locals. You didn’t get the flu, but the cold really nestled into your poor little body. You wheezed as you fed and had a nasty smoker sounding cough that rocked your whole body. Corbin and Daddy took you to the doctor, a trip that Corbin was very proud to have partaken in, and although you had it bad it was really only a cold. And now you are better.

It was a big day on the 18th of January when we moved your bassinet into your crib. Almost since your birth, Corbin has been asking when you will sleep in the same room as him and he got his wish. He asks to see you after you fall asleep at night and before he snuggles down into his own bed for the night. Your Dad and I find your falling asleep routine to be midly entertaining; a hand over your eye as if to say “God help me, I can’t take one more minute of this day.” You clasp your little hand over Skipit’s fuzzy ear and whimper a bit as you fall asleep.

On the 19th of January, we – though really me – started bootcamp. You come with me and have been an absolute angel baby every class. You must really love the outdoors because this is where you tend to have your best naps. Most classes you hang out in your stroller and sleep while I lift heavy things, lunge around the world and pant my way to my pre-babies figure. Once, during a power walk class I put you in the Bjorn only to find that 13 extra pounds does actually make a difference.

All Aboard!!! We’ve brought out more stations and have you rotating on an as needed basis. You seem to like the play-mat and the swing as your brother did, but are more fond of the bumbo chair than he was. You have really found your hands and have started to drool. Gnawing on toys is something you are becoming quite adept at and on the 15th of January you rolled from back to front. Front to back is something you are gearing up for but have not yet mastered.

Today you had a check up and everything is looking really good. You are growing and becoming more and more aware and curious about the world around you. Our days are filled with eating, walking, bootcamp, and grocery shopping. It’s pretty simple, but really it’s just enough to keep us happy.


Yay Bumbo!!



Lunge around the world


You & Me


Working hard at Bootcamp


P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day