The Dragon Room

In China and Southeast Asia, dragons are thought to bring good luck and prosperity.

A special thanks to the following people who have helped to clothe our wee bairn and to create his magical kingdom of a bedroom.

Susan & Todd Fyfe who gave us almost everything we needed including the change table, car seat & stroller, clothing, toys, highchair, baby bijourn, bouncy chair and more… all previously and lovingly used by Emma and Alistair.

Kim Buchanan & Richard Poulin who have loaned and given us yet more clothing, a swing and books. Their daughter Lily also gave our lad the fabulous dragon puppet, which hangs over the dresser. Kim has also been a wonderful resource for what’s what in town and what’s what with pregnancy.

Blair & Sherri Brown who gave us the glider rocking chair and the crib. Sherri also gave me some clothes bought for her boys by my mom. Blair and Sherry also passed on the lovely rocking horse made by our Uncle Al.

My Aunt Judy who gave me back some clothing that I had made for her granddaughter Willow

Amy and James who generously gave me some of James’ kushies cloth diapers